Regency Style

When one thinks of Victorian fashion, one thinks of bustles, corsets, petticoats and voluminous skirts. But during the early 1800’s there was the Regency style period dress. Fairly simple and elegant gowns, compared to its later designs.I’ve been at some time focused on making period gowns of lavish designs, so doing something that I would consider simple is a little harder to do. This is partially the reason why I tend to avoid men’s clothing. I’m afraid of putting too much trimmings and end up making them look foppish.

English Rose (Rose)English Rose is actually a revival of a previous attempt of an older gown of the same style. Like the name, I’ve incorporated roses into the theme to celebrate spring and romance. It’s the type of gown you can wear to an afternoon picnic, stroll, and morning teas.

The entire outfit consists of the following: blouse, skirt, underpants, prim sleeves and prim skirt.

Colors come in: Rose, Blue and Yellow.

The entire outfit costs L$ 550. It is copy/modify/no transfer. Transferable versions are available in the 3rd floor of my main store in Caledon Victoria City, Diloba, SLExchange and SLBotique.


I’ve made an error in using my latest ads. I’ll be correcting them in the future once I’ve finished uploading the new ads for my vendors. I’m not looking forward to the experience…it promises to be at least moderately unpleasant.

Ninety plus items isn’t something to sneeze about.

But then again, this would be even more horrendous had it not been for Shai’s invaluable assistance in the photography, creation of the new vendor ads and store logo. So yes, people rejoice, it won’t be my tiresome face you’ll see in the ads this time, at least to a majority of them.

I guess I know what I’ll be doing this week.


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