More Regency…

February is going to be a busy month ahead so I’ll just be putting this new outfit before I forget.

I’m still in the Regency mood so I’ve concocted another day gown or opera gown…whichever, it’s 12 midnight where I am and I’m sleepy as heck.

Spring Dream is another simple gown I’ve made. One thing I’ve added in the gown was that I added a some modern pieces you can wear once you step out of Caledon and into the normal grid. That way you don’t have to scrounge through your inventory particularly if you’re in a hurry.

The entire outfit includes the following: blouse, skirt, long underpants, short underpants, gown prim skirt, modern day prim skirt and prim sleeves.

Colors come in: Copper, Gold and Silver.

The outfit costs L$ 550. The gown is copy/mod/no transfer. Transferable versions to be given as gifts are available in the 3rd flr of my main store in Caledon Victoria City, Diloba, SLExchange and SLBotique.


On a side note, I’d like to announce that Silver Rose Designs with Prim and Proper will be be hosting a fashion show competition. Details can be found in an event’s vendor by my store in Caledon Victoria City, Prim & Proper stores and Caledon telehubs.

Or just IM me or Shenlei Flasheart and we’ll send you the details. :3


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