Unexpected Down Time

My PC broke down last week. It was sudden, painful and the air filled with the smell of something burning.

 Namely my rage and the innards of my now deceased PC.

 I’m currently using a laptop which I borrowed from my esteemed parent, which unfortunately can’t run SL. However, I’ve ordered a new PC and I hope that it would be arriving hopefully soon. I would prefer if I got it before the event but if for some reason I can’t..well I’ll have to borrow someone’s PC to access my beloved SL.

So please excuse the lack of updates. I’ll hopefully get back to designing once I get my machine back. 


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Down Time

  1. Coyote Momiji says:

    I’m so sorry to hear. 😦 Come back soon!

  2. Thanks 🙂 I just got word that I might get the new PC delivered within the week so I’m praying that I get it soon. There’s a good chance I’ll be online on the weekend.

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