Old Fashioned Romance

Spring is in the air, which makes absolutely no sense to me, being that I live in a tropical climate and the only climate change I know is wet and dry.

February, being as it is heralds the end of the wet season and the beginning of the dry season, aka summer. Dresses and comfortable tops are the way to go.

Up comes Old Romance, a summery sun dress and a babydoll top. Everything is hand drawn and colored to give the feel of vintage, like something your mom or aunt would have worn but would still look good today.

The outfit comes in four (4) colors: Maroon, Sepia, Blue and Purple.

And it comes with the following: Babydoll Blouse, Babydoll Prim attachments, Blouse (dress), Blouse (undershirt ver), Glitchpants, Prim Skirt.

The entire outfit costs L$ 300 and are copy/modify/no transfer.


I just bought my first piece of land today. It’s not First Land so it was a little expensive but it was in front of a Linden road/owned strip of land so I can’t really complain. So I now have one store and two branches.

My store can be located here: Lithium Flower, Badly Moor (188, 48, 70)


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