A Touch of Velvet and Honey

My friend never understood why I always limited the choices in colors in my gowns so much. Three it seems was severely limiting. I never had anything for the dark colored enthusiasts…at least not recently, not until now at least.

So I made this.. Velvet Honey and Velvet Honey Midnight. The only difference between the two is that Midnight uses black lace instead of white and has an additional black with white lace version of the gown.

An entire outfit consists of the following: a corset style blouse, glitch-pants, underskirt (which can be worn on it’s own on those days when a young Victorian lady doesn’t have a ball to go), a rose prim brooch and a prim skirt (for those days you want to swish about in the ball room.

Colors available: pink, blue and red.

For the Midnight version:  pink, blue, red and black.

An outfit would cost L$700 and are at copy/modify/no transfer.

If you wish to avail the transferable or gift versions: they can be bought at the 3/F of my main store in Caledon VictoriaCity, Diloba and SLExchange.


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