Party at Hitomi’s~!

I’m not a party kind of girl. In fact, I’m not fond of big crowds either in RL or my SL. But I couldn’t say no to an invitation that my friend gave (that and I was trying very hard to get out of my anti-social shy shell) that I took the plunge.

Problem was, I have absolutely nothing to wear. (o_o)

Well nothing that I liked anyway, and I balked at the idea of buying clothes that scream Malibu Barbie. Besides, my Lindens is saved on shoes and hair…and jewelries. Not for clothes, since I make them anyway.

I’ve been a big fan of tunic style dresses. I love wearing them over jeans or as a dress. Particularly now with the season steadily marching toward summer.

So meet Hitomi! A tunic style dress made of brightly colored silk. God, I just love bright and cheery colors! Everything in this dress is hand-made including the patterns. The outfit can be worn over skinny jeans or legging, or as a stand alone, to better show off those long tanned legs looking sexy and without looking like a tart.

An entire outfit consists of the a blouse, matching hot pants (to show more of those glam legs) and a prim skirt attachment.

There are also four colors to choose from: Cool Blue, Hot Pink, Flaming Orange & Lime Green.

An outfit costs L$ 300 and are at copy/modify/no transfer.


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