Contest Drama

I had my first experience in a real full blown drama.

It was to say…dramatic. *sighs, eye flutter*

Well not really, just inane I guess.

Alright, anyway everyone probably knows by now that Silver Rose Design is co-hosting the Victorian Fashion Design contest. There’s nothing fancy or complicated about it. It had rules and it had contestants and entries. Yay.

I got queries early on and I had questions, when someone asked me about the contest…asking if the rules had been changed to allow ‘creativity’. I had been polite, told her that those are the rules and if she didn’t like it she didn’t really have to enter. Matter was dropped and we went on our separate ways.

Until recently.

I got an entry with a letter attached. The name didn’t ring any bells. I’ve met and talked to a lot of people like customers and contestants for the Fashion Contest and the Steampunk Inventors’ contest that I easily lose track of names.

The letter was very straightforward. Basic run down was a complaint on the rules, and how stifling it was to creativity, bitched about how the neckline wasn’t truly Victorian (she claims to be a Victorian costume restorer or something), told me how to run an event if I plan to make one in the future and that I shouldn’t force others my design on them, etc etc. And that she hoped that the rumors of me a terrible ogress who will exact divine punishment on those who pissed me off weren’t true, that I also wouldn’t be biased since she believed she has pissed me off on our last conversation.

1) She did not piss me off the first time we talked. I’m used to talking to people with varying levels of intelligence. I worked in a bloody call center before and as a GM for Philippine Ragnarok Online for some years. I’m used to this. Hell, I knew I was being pleasant and polite, I wasn’t even sure what made her think I was angry at her.

2) The insulting letter. Our earlier conversation did not piss me off. Annoyed me a little perhaps but not angry. The letter I got with her entry however did. It was offensive in so many levels. And trust me, you don’t need to pepper bad grammar and cuss words to make it offensive.

Okay, she made three strikes already. Insult on the event, insult on my character, and a threat that if I disqualify her she would be yelling “Rigged!” on top of her lungs. To those who know me, they must be shocked to find out that my patience still held considering that I was having my period when I got it.

Yes. Yes, I know. Walk away. Walk away now…slowly and no sudden movements.

Anyway, I was about to let it pass when I took a good luck at the contest entry. I could feel my left eyebrow raise as I noticed that she had defied contest rules and did not use the blouse mesh as instructed. Now obviously, this automatically disqualifies the entry, but since I didn’t want to embarass her too much, I sent a letter, outlining the the need to follow the rules, and if you can’t and don’t like them please don’t enter at all. And that we won’t bend the rules for anyone because it would be horribly unfair to those who have followed the rules since day 1.

Sent, get back to work. Worry about the voting booths for the inventor’s contest. Talk to people, customers and interested contestants. Get IM from Shen, who is the true brainchild for the event. I get a TP and click.

I landed to see an oversized vendor staring at my face. With the contest entry blouse on it.

*Her* contest entry blouse. Being sold. Different prim skirt but same blouse. With same prim sleeve attachments.
*a voice in the background cries: Strike 3!*

So…not only did I get a fairly insulting letter in the day, see a contest entry fit for disqualification and then see that the same gown blouse was already being sold.

So much for creativity.

I think at that point I got catty. Hell everyone of us who got there got a bit catty. Lemme see…we get insulted for not being historically accurate, for stifling creativity and for imposing our design on others, then shoved an entry at me that was fit for disqualification with her ego tacked to it…then I saw the vendor.

Yeah I got catty. I got very catty. I’m also finding a way if it’s possible to ship rabid panic monkeys to her house.

Then this morning I got another IM with her with a notecard that has a recording of a public conversation. Our public conversation when we saw her vendor.

I laughed. Okay. Yeah so what? Did she really think I was stupid enough to say something I didn’t mean or would embarass me? Oh no…I’m one of those people who will tell anyone who’s willing to listen exactly how I feel, particularly if I have been crossed. She also sent me a lovely snapshot of our conversation, as if it was some sort of proof.

Proof of what? That we believe her towering superiority didn’t match the quality of the products she was selling? That her vendor staring at us, wasn’t some kind of insult? Even Shen was disappointed, and she have been working on Victorian for 30 years herself.

So I gave her another letter in reply, expressing disappointment in her behavior and god forbid, a second chance.

Yes folks, you heard that right. I allowed her a second chance. Despite the varying insults thrown at my face, I gave her a second chance. We’ll disregard her entry, and if she can submit a new one in time then great. If not well, that’s not my problem anymore isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Contest Drama

  1. Thyalla says:

    Congratulations for holding your temper? XD

    Oh man, the things we go through with annoying people… XD

  2. Wow… I mean… just wow.

    Yuriko, you *so* win an award for dealing with crap like this. Isn’t it amazing how people love to rip you apart for doing something for the community.

    I have a hair-trigger temper…I would have been ripping into this chick from minute one!

    So even though this woman obviously has issues…screw her! I am thankful and grateful for all of the work both you and Shenlei have put into this Fashion Design contest…and I can not wait to see what the contestants have entered! 🙂


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