What’s Up and Other Clarifications

Things have been fairly quiet in my end lately for which I apologize. I’ve been quite busy as of late and well you know how things go when everything tends to pile up on you.

I was able to sell my lease a few weeks ago and I was able to use it to pay for the builder and the new land. The new store is doing well, Devon Dinzeo is a talented builder who really knows what he’s doing and so far it hasn’t disappointment me. Shop is at 95% completion, and the re-making of my vendor pictures is at 85% done as well.

To also celebrate the opening, I’ll be releasing two outfits both male and female. I know I should probably do more but I do tend to work pretty slow. (~_~);; The last male outfit (including all color alterations) were at 80+ textures total. Bleah.

Speaking of which, I’m delayed in designing more EGL stuff. But more that next time.

~ oOo ~

There has been questions regarding Sayuri, it seems some people are kinda shocked to find out that she was, is originally an alt of mine.

I created Sayuri some time ago as my way to recapture my earlier days as an SL newbie: free from the reputation, the pressure and everything…until I realized how boring it was and left my alt to rot somewhere.

Well, not always. I usually use Sayuri as a pitch to my friends and family to try out SL without going through the painful process of joining and having a really ugly avatar. One such individual was initially enamored by SL since she was forced to help me out test items and model for my lolita line (that and she was initially banned from her current MMO of choice and had nothing else to do) . She lurked a bit, had a few friends and even got into this whole escort thing going.

Unfortunately her fascination for SL lasted a long as her ban, and shortly after it was lifted she was back on her MMO, with her guild and destroying the n00bs. Last I heard of her she was in some private server somewhere.

Sad and neglected, I decided that I could at least make use of my alt and used her to test the waters on casual clothing as a new brand totally unrelated to SRD. It floundered, but kept it since Sayuri makes for a very good storage and practice for non-costume outfits. Besides, it’s not like I mind making them, the separate inventory makes things neat at least.

I hope this explains everything. I swear if someone asks me about Sayuri being my alt again, I will seriously consider shoving my mouse down someone’s esophagus, or punt them into orbit.

~ oOo ~

Whoa, you can tell I’m trying to squeeze all my rants in one post…this is about LL knee-jerk reaction to the police poking their noses on an adult only “game” looking for pedos and decided to take action against a 50 something old man and a 20 something woman who’s only crime is playing “Daddy’s Naughty Little Girl” in SL (who as far as my knowledge that the said persons involved were not passing out pictures of real kids doing kiddy porn).

I don’t know where you guys are from, or what your mother taught you, but here where I’m from, in my third world, backwater, corrupt country where education is still considered a privilege and not a right, we at the very least can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Frankly it’s none of my business what two consenting adults do in bed (or cyber bedroom), as long as they aren’t doing anything that is considered harmful or illegal. It’s one thing trying to be the Naughty Catholic Girl Student either in RL with your lover or in pixel form in SL as to banging a real minor, particularly if said partner was an adult.

I’m more concerned of the fact this whole brouhaha is nothing more of a screen to cover up the laxity behind the security measures taken to protect the kids (you know the real minors) hanging out in the Teen grid. I mean if you were a pedo, why on earth would you be looking in an adult area? Remember, you don’t buy bags in the shoe department.

You gotta ask? Who’s watching them now?

As for LL doing it’s job, I still got mixed feelings for that. One, LL is trying it’s best (sort of) to clean up the mistake of free accounts (that led minors inside the main grid) with their age verification program which in itself isn’t too bad, but it is a little too much. Adult Porn sites aren’t as difficult.

Two, is the growing pressure from people who depend on the internet or LL to monitor and ‘protect’ their children. Frankly, this is the parent’s job, and no one else’s problem. Certainly not LL, certainly not anyone. The internet is not a glorified babysitter. It is the parent who is at fault for giving their children extension credit cards, who let them steal their driver’s license and other information, by not monitoring their internet activities and not teaching them discipline and internet safety.

In short, they’re expecting that either the internet, videogames or TV would do that for them.

I have one thing to say to you kind of people: If you can’t be bloody parents to your disgusting, pimply spawn, then don’t f*****g breed.

~ oOo ~

Sculpties~! Voice~! LL’s saving grace and I can’t wait!

I’m trying my best to get my hands on a friendly 3D program that would help me with sculpties. I’ve never done 3D before so I don’t know if I’ll ever make anything out of it, although I would really, really want to. I have a ton of designs in mind that won’t work unless I use sculpties…so this is like additional motivation for me to learn.

Voice, I would love to be able to talk to people without typing..well not all the time but sometimes. I wonder if there will come a time when there’s going to be voice recognition and the words you say also show up as text.

I think that would be awesome :3

~ oOo ~

Okay soap box over now. Hopefully my next update will show my new products out. ‘Til then, it’s bed time for me or back to Al Quelt Moreza. I’ll let you figure out which it is.

PS. Pardon the rambling. I’m currently leveling up my characters in Granado Espada :p


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