Soft Opening of Silver Rose Designs Shengri La

Store is finally done (much thanks to Devon) and I’m currently arranging the vendors. The vendors are at at 90% done but enough for me to do a soft opening at least. From there I’ll be toying with my network vendor so I can start remodeling my other branches as well.

To celebrate the opening two outfits are now out for sale, both of which are inspirations from Granado Espada (one other reason why I’m usually delayed).

Della Rosa was inspired after the Elementalist of Granado Espada. The gown consists of a blouse, underpants, prim skirt, prim sleeves, stockings and gloves. The gown has six (6) other color alternates: blue, green, purple, red, sepia and yellow.

They’re currently only available in my Shengri-La main store.


Estefan is another inspiration on the same game. Due to popular demand I’ve made the parts a little bit more flexible, the inner shirt and outer jacket can now be worn separately. The outfit consists of an inner shirt, outer jacket, inner shirt & outer jacket combo, prim sleeves for both the jacket and inner shirt, prim collar and coat tails.

I just added the two pants from The Wizard to this outfit since I think it’ll be overkill to make over decorated pants. It works well anyway.

Outfit comes in six (6) alternate colors: Hyacinthine, Minimium, Puniceous, Vermeil, Vinaceous & Virescent. It’s currently only available in my Shengri-La store.

Silver Rose Designs in Shengri-La: Click Here for SLurl


2 thoughts on “Soft Opening of Silver Rose Designs Shengri La

  1. NineMoons says:

    Hi, I’m NineMoons. I got wind of this blog through a Google Alert for Granado Espada.

    I must say, I thought you were making human-sized costumes, but the dolls don’t disappoint at all – they look just great!

    I wish I lived in your area so that I could patronize your shops – but I’m from the Philippines, heh.

    Anyway, love the doll outfits, and hope to see more designs based on Granado Espada!

  2. Hiya, NineMoons. I’m also a fellow Pinoy and playing in Carracci server. 🙂

    As for my shop, it’s located within Second Life ( ), the way I can describe it is if RL was an MMO, Second Life would be it. 🙂

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