Oh Beetlejuice~! ♥

I loved Beatlejuice when I was a kid, I also loved Tim Burton’s movies. I’m not really fond of goth, as a lot of my friends would attest but I figured, you know, why not?

Much thanks to Iris Ophelia for helping me out by pushing me along (god knows how hard it is to push me to do anything) that I finally got my tuckus out and made this outfit.

Much thanks to the boyfriend for helping me make the bell sleeves. I can say this now with confidence: I hate 3D programs. They were made fore the mathematically inclined & the artistic, not for folks who suffer with dyscalculia. (>_<)

The outfit includes the following: Blouse, undershorts, socks, prim upper sleeves, prim lower sleeves, prim ribbon, prim skirt & a matching prim hat

You can choose from three (3) colors: Green, Pink & Purple

mod/copy/no tranfer of course. If you’re looking for mod/transfer/no copy versions they’re available in my main store, Caledon, Diloba & SLExchange.

I’ll probably make another set of EGL outfits hopefully soon…well granted Persona 3 doesn’t get in the way (^_~).


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