Alice Makes Her Debut

Before I begin, I will have to apologize for not being around or updating for so long. The last month have been difficult for me since we’ve been preparing for my dad’s surgery. He was caught with huge polyp in his colon that tested positive for CA.

Fortunately, it was Stage 0, so there would be no chemotherapy or radiation. My dad had his surgery last week and was discharged just last Monday (on his birthday too). I thank all the gods in heaven that he’ll be okay–you just have no idea how relieved I am that we were able to find and get rid of it so early.

Much thanks for the folks who’ve stuck with me, and did not pretend interest when I crying my heart out, not to mention took the time to listen. Special thanks to my SL Angels: Iris, Serra, Coley and Angel. You girls rawk. Thank you for being with me in my hour of need. You’re support is what made everything I’ve been through much more easier to deal with.

Also a special thanks for the Pinoys in SL and my awesome RL friends (special mention to Jay my boyfriend, best male bud Vicente and his lovey bunny Maddi and lets not forget my SL Pinay gal Shai) who went out of their way to offer their blood just in case my dad would need it. You guys have no idea how much that meant to me. We didn’t need it in the end but the fact you guys were willing to donate and all really touched me.

I love you people. Mwah~! ♥

Anyway, on toward the updates!

~ oOo ~

I’ve always been a big fan of American McGee’s Alice, and I figured why not make a lolita line loosely based of it.

Alice McGee is the first of three outfits. She’s based off Alice in Wonderland with a touch of goth. I didn’t want to shower her overly much with lace since I was gunning for the original simplistic Alice.

The outfit includes the following: Blouse, Undershorts, socks Prim Skirt, Prim Apron frills, & Prim sleeves.

And you have three colors to choose from: Blue, Green & Purple

mod/copy/no tranfer of course. If you’re looking for mod/transfer/no copy versions they’re available in my main store, Caledon, Diloba & SLExchange.

~ oOo ~

I’ve also opened my latest Silver Rose Designs botique at Antiquity Township. So please do drop by and say ‘hi’ to the friendly locals whilst shopping. It’s a quiet place and the friendliest people you’ll meet are there. 🙂


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