Melba Grows Up

Due to popular request for a non-loli version of Dear Dollie Melba, I decided to make a more “mature” (not in that hentai sense you pervert) version. This was mostly because of the fact that I was also studying Maya to make these damned sculpties using NURBs–which I can say now are a bitch to texture–allowing me more freedom to focus on learning than actually designing.

That said and done, Lady Melba is grown up now. A little bit faded but no less gothic. Her outfit includes: long sleeved blouse, undershorts, skirt, Prim chest ribbon, Prim Cuffs, Prim Upper Sleeves, Prim Skirt and a pretty hat.

There are six (6) colors available for this outfit: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red& Yellow.

Outfits are of course Copy/Modify/No Transfer. But if you wish to purchase Transfer versions as gifts, they are available only in the following: Main Store Shenri La, Diloba & Caledon in a separate JEVN vendor.

~ oOo ~

Now since I’ve done and away with the product pimping, it’s time for me to do a bit of ranting.

Please, oh god, please read my store policies before you decide to flaunt your lack of IQ, reading comprehension and common sense at my face. As amusing as that is for me to simply snark and give than less than gracious reply particularly when you begin threatening to tell your friends that I’m a god-awful-person for not giving you something my policies posted (clearly on my store) obviously says it can’t give you, only goes to prove that you are an idiot worthy of fragging several sims over or at least raped by /b/.

Now excuse me while I post more of my hopefully idiot-proof store policies all over my store. (>_<)

Oh, and yes, my period just started. What was your first clue?

~ oOo ~

My Wonderland set for the Gothic Lolita collection is on hold at the moment. I’ll put them up when I’m good and ready. In the mean time I need more sculpty practice.


2 thoughts on “Melba Grows Up

  1. Arianna Psaltery says:

    That is beautiful!! I definitely think of a grand night at the opera with this dress. Know any opera houses in game? 🙂

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