♪ Beautiful Madness ♫

Another Granado Espada inspiration for this gown. I don’t know why I can’t make normal clothes anymore, but I do enjoy what I do anyway. I also blame my brain why I came out with this type of gown, I’m not even sure if anyone can wear this anywhere…unless you make a GE based sim, like oh…Coimbra. *coughhinttobuildersoutthere*

Introducing “La Folie” (literally translated as “madness”). The entire outfit consists of a blouse, undershorts, stockings, two (2) prim sleeves (upper and lower), & two (2) prim skirts (open & closed front).

This gown comes in six (6) alternate colors: Depressed Rust, Dusty Blue, Green Way, Orange Heart, Pink Dust & Purple Kiss.

Outfits are Copy/Modify/No Transfer. To purchase Transfer versions as gifts, they are available only in the following: Main Store Shenri La, Diloba & Caledon in a separate JEVN vendor.


One thought on “♪ Beautiful Madness ♫

  1. These are surely unique. I like them 🙂

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