Men’s Changeling

To most people who know me (most of which don’t play in SL) they know how much I love table-top gaming, and just recently (roughly a month ago) I bought myself the Changeling Core Book, Autumn Nightmares, Changeling D10 set and even the Changeling GM Screen (for my boyfriend).

Fan girl? Yes. Quite obviously.

Now being a fan girl, buying the stuff isn’t enough and well I decided to take it one step further by making a men’s outfit dedicated to Changeling. Of course it also helped that someone approached me with a design suggestion and well, I figured why not?

The outfit uses leaves as an overall pattern, from the jacket, pants and the scarf. I wish I could have done better but I’ve spent the better part of two weeks trying to cough up my lungs (and other bodily organs) and being under the influence of various other medication (telfast, sinecod, antibiotics, celestamine to name a few) didn’t help any.

The outfit includes the following: Shirt, Pants, Prim Cuffs, Prim Scarf, Prim Coat tails and Prim lower pants parts.

There are six (6) color alternatives to choose from: Cold, Dream, Evergreen, Nightmare, Pine & Toast.

Outfits are of course Copy/Modify/No Transfer. But if you wish to purchase Transfer versions as gifts, they are available only in the following: Main Store Shenri La, Diloba & Caledon in a separate JEVN vendor.

*Elf Ears not included.


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