Missy Means Serious Business

I’ve always been a big fan of the minimalist lolita look, not an over abundance of lace and frills that is usually the fad in most EGL looks. This is probably a trend that’s going to be a little more noticeable in the future.

Now what I like about Missy is her versatility. You have an EGL gathering at 10pm but have a meeting with the “normal” folks right after? Not a problem. Just switch out the skirt, and don the dress pants and off you go. Need that sexy oomph? Just wear the jacket without the blouse and bear that cleavage.

Just because you enjoy dressing up as a “Lolita” doesn’t mean you should have the matching body. I know I don’t, well at least my avatar. (^.~)

So even if you’re not an EGL fan, Missy has a lot to options for you to choose from, and stuff you can mix and match with.

Outfit comes with the following: Blouse (tucked & untucked), Jacket (w/ blouse & w/o blouse), Prim Cuffs (w/ lace & w/o lace), Glitch pants, Pants, Prim Creveat & Prim Skirt.

There are three (3) colors to choose from: Black, Green & Red.

Outfits are Copy/Modify/No Transfer. To purchase Transfer versions as gifts, they are available only in the following: Main Store Shenri La, Diloba & Caledon in a separate JEVN vendor.

~ ♥ ~

I’m slowly introducing MetaCard in my store, so please bear with me. I have roughly 100+ items to transform that in itself isn’t very funny considering I’m not counting the second main outlet (^^); Missy is the first set of outfits to have the MetaCard option, so those that have one can purchase Missy with their MetaCard.

Unfortunately due to the nature of my vendors they won’t be available as gifts. But don’t worry my JEVN vendors are still there to pick up the slack. :3


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