Sweet Snow, Better Late Than Never

Like I mentioned in my previous post, my lolita outfits are now heading towards the “minimalist” style direction which I guess is more at par with the more current trend in Lolita style outfits.

And given I didn’t want to leave December without at least one cold-weather outfit, hence Sweet Snow. Better late than never, I guess.

Sweet Snow is a jacket style outfit, so she isn’t really made to carry a lot of lace in the first place. However if you just take off the fur cuffs and collar, she turns into a smart looking dress with the barest touch of lace to give it that sweet, but elegant look which also makes her something that non-EGLers can wear without looking too frilly.

Outfit includes the following: blouse, glitch pants, prim cuffs, prim cuff and sculpty prim hat.

Six (6) color alternates to choose from include: Chocolate, Midnight, Peach Cream, Pine, Purple & Snow.

All items are copy/modify/no transfer.

Transferable (Gift) versions are available in a separate JEVN Vendor in Shengri-La, Caledon, Diloba store branches and SLExchange (mod/trans only).

Item is MetaCard available.

~ ♥ ~

Speaking of MetaCards, the store is still undergoing making it MetaCard friendly. Hopefully I’ll be done in a week or so. (^_^)b


One thought on “Sweet Snow, Better Late Than Never

  1. […] desk. Being an overly-impulsive sort of person, I immediately whooshed on over to take a look for this tasty morsel (see left) in particular. My sights were set on the pink and purple versions in particular. […]

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