Arabian Fantasy

I was approached recently with an idea to start designing costumes that didn’t have to limit to the Victorian era, and considering the sudden glut of Victorian fare, I figured why not?

It was good exercise at least to stretch those creative juices and the setting for which I will be focusing for the next few months of work was very inspiring to say the least. Much applaud goes to Madame Harla and her team for making 1001 Nights Arabian Sim.

That being said, I’ll be now pimping the new outfit which is possibly no coincidence that I do have a small stall of sorts at the above mentioned sim.

Fatima is under the Kingdom of Heaven series that focuses on fantasy Arabian clothing. On a side note, it is unlikely that I will be making slave silks as those practically saturate most of SL markets.

The outfit comes with the following: blouse, glitch pants, skirt, prim scarf, prim headdress (w/ & w/o veil), prim face veil and prim skirt (scripted and non-scripted).

Incidentally, Fatima’s scripted prim skirt contains a script that would allow the skirt to try and follow your avatar’s movements. The script is not made by me and I can’t give any more tech support that isn’t supported in the notecard. The script is also not for sale or for free. As always feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Six (6) colors to choose from: Bronze, Crimson, Midnight, Oasis, Purple & Sand.

All items are copy/modify/no transfer.

Transferable (Gift) versions are available in a separate JEVN Vendor in Shengri-La, Caledon, Diloba store branches and SLExchange (mod/trans only).

~ ♥ ~


2 thoughts on “Arabian Fantasy

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are extremely talented! I have a question, could you make something like this for a horse
    Idk if you will or if you even have sims 3 pets

  2. Your travel blog is inbox.

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