The Good Girl ♥

She is the girl we love and we all hate. She’s from an impeccable family, affluent, beautiful and a lady. She is father’s little princess and Mother Superior’s favorite student. The younger ones look up to her and some hate and envy her.

You know her in the novels as Sarah Crewe or her antagonists. Either way you’re either the perfect Good Girl, or only the Good Girl when someone’s looking. 😉

The Good Girl is a minimalist lolita outfit, and is suited to those who wanted to exude a little more maturity than the usual baby faced lolita. Best worn with knee high boots and holding a horse whip (when you need to punish the other girls).

The Good Girl comes with the following: blouse (shirt and jacket versions), glitchpants, prim upper sleeves, prim skirt (scripted and non-scripted).

There are six (6) colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Capuccino, Crimson, Ivy & Teal.

All are copy/modify/no transfer.

Transfer versions or gift items can be bought from a separate vendor in my main store in Shengri La, Caledon & Diloba. Or you could buy them from SLExchange.

~ ♥ ~


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