Store Moved…to the left..or was it the right?

And at a different angle too.

Alright, joking aside, the store has moved…of sorts. Shengri La is currently undergoing re-beautifying, and I’ve been given an option to move the store for a better view. And I did… a few meters away from the original site.

Here’s the slurl for the new site: or simply click here.

I’m thinking of remodeling my store since it’s a bit prim heavy and I now need more prim space. I’ve been wanting a Mediterranean theme boardwalk store/mall for the longest time, unfortunately I suck at making buildings (I’ve tried) and paying for a builder tends to involve charging an arm and a leg and possibly half my torso (hurrk!).

Building it isn’t a given priority right now considering the stuff I need to do but any help would be welcome.

~ ♥ ~


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