Anna Karenina had been one of my more popular gowns, despite it being non-flexi and sculpty prims it still doesn’t disappoint to generate sales.

So I’ve decided to revive the gown using both sculpty and flexi prims. Although for this outfit I’ve decided not to go with the black and white lace and opting to use gold or antique gold style lace to give it that more mature look.

The outfit comes with the following: Blouse, Glitchpants, Skirt, Gloves & Prim Skirt (Scripted and non-scripted).

You can choose from six (6) colors: Blue, Evergreen, Midnight, Pearl, Purple & Scarlet.

~ ♥ ~

My store and the sim it’s on is under a bit of construction, so teleports are going to be a bit wonky. My store has been changed and it’s now that strange castle by the seaside. To get there, just teleport using my Picks page and if you end up like in the water or somewhere else, simply just click it again and it will bring you there.

I hope.  (^^);

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused but rest assured it’ll be fixed soon.

~ ♥ ~


One thought on “Revival

  1. Onychophora says:

    What a gorgeous dress! You never disappoint.

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