Spring in the 1920’s

My boyfriend had always been a big fan of the Prohibition era, home of Pulp. Although I’m not sure exactly how popular Pulp is in Second Life, I’ve decided to go ahead and make a few outfits that aren’t flapper outfits.

Now a big characterization of fashion in the 1920’s is the lack of curves and appearance of clean straight lines. Shorter hair and cloche hats were suddenly very popular.

This is probably going to be a reason why, every outfit I’ll be making will have it’s own matching hat. Unfortunately for this outfit, I couldn’t make the hat bell-like enough since I based it off an old 1920’s pic and it called for a wider hat. Spring after all calls for, far prettier hats. 😉

Spring Time Jazz includes the following: Blouse, Skirt, Glitchpants, Sculpted Prim Sleeves, Sculpted Hat, Prim Skirt (scripted & non-scripted).

There are four (4) colors to choose from: Blue, Green, Lavender & Olive.

There’s also a fatpack available, with discounted price. Buy all four with only the price of three. 🙂

Each outfit costs: L$ 400

Fatpack costs: L$ 1200

Please note, the fatpack is only available in copy/modify/NO TRANSFER

Clothes are copy/modify/no transfer.

Transfer versions or gift items can be bought from a separate vendor in my main store in Shengri La, Caledon & Diloba. Or you could buy them from SLExchange.

~ ♥ ~

I didn’t get to announce this on the blog earlier, but my store has finally settled down, it’s now up, and you can now teleport in without complications. 🙂

Click here for a new Landmark.

~ ♥ ~


One thought on “Spring in the 1920’s

  1. […] wonder I’d think of this. If anything I did *try* my hand to expand my work as evidence to Spring Time Jazz and Tequila Rose early 2008, but sales were lacking–meaning no one really bought anything. It […]

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