Tequila Roses

Spring is on the way (I wonder what that’s like…living in the tropics doesn’t have much in terms of seasons), and I’ve set up a second 1920’s spring day outfit. Now I’d like to apologize now as this outfit should have been out earlier… and it wasn’t because I was too busy squinting at my PSP’s screen oogling at Tales of the World.

The outfit contains the following: Blouse, Skirt, Glitchpants, Sculpted hat, sculpted sleeves, & prim skirts (both scripted and non-scripted).

You can choose from four (4) colors: Antique, Blue, Moss and Sepia

A fatpack is also available, but instead contains an extra pink version that isn’t sold separately.

Each outfit costs: L$ 400

Fatpack costs: L$ 1600

Please note, the fatpack is only available in copy/modify/NO TRANSFER

Clothes are copy/modify/no transfer.

Transfer versions or gift items can be bought from a separate vendor in my main store in Shengri La, Caledon & Diloba. Or you could buy them from SLExchange.

~ ♥ ~


4 thoughts on “Tequila Roses

  1. I picked up the Fatima dress in Crimson today, and I must say I am quite pleased with it. Very exotic, very pretty and very well-made. 🙂

    I hope there will be more releases in the “Kingdom of Heaven’ line, and I was wondering if you have any plans for any male outfits to go with the female? 🙂 Your bold colour palette seems like it could produce some lovely robes.

  2. I’m glad. 🙂 I will be continuing my Kingdom of Heaven line and yes, I will be making men’s outfits as well. Mostly sultan-ish type wear. 🙂

  3. Oh, that is great to hear. 🙂 My partner and I look forward to it and will definitely keep an eye on your future releases.

  4. […] think of this. If anything I did *try* my hand to expand my work as evidence to Spring Time Jazz and Tequila Rose early 2008, but sales were lacking–meaning no one really bought anything. It was a […]

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