Corrine in Plaid

New outfit out, my latest in EGL wear is Corrine.

What makes this outfit a pain to make was the fact I used plaid, I bought from LFox. Plaid. Took me forever to align everything. It’s probably why I only have three instead of the usual six alterations.

The one thing I made sure with the outfit is that it’s versatility and keeping with the minimalist look to give that lolita look a classy edge. It contains two types of blouse, with or without straps and comes in undershirt, shirt and jacket types. I’ve also added a white shirt that can be used in other lolita clothing with sculpted prim sleeves and a prim collar.

The outfit contains the following: Dress Blouse (strapless & strapless, with undershirt, shirt and jacket versions), high waist skirt (with matching prim bow), glitchpants, prim skirt (scripted and non scripted), a white blouse with matching prim collar and sculpted prim sleeves.

There are three (3) plaid patterns to choose from: Olive & Ruby Plaid, Olive & Scarlet Plaid and Peach & Red Plaid.

Each outfit costs L$700

Outfits are at copy/modify/no transfer.

As usual, transfer versions are available in my main store in Shengri La, Caledon, Diloba (sold in a separate network vendor) and SLExchange.

~ ♥ ~

Here are some photos I took the opportunity of taking under Windlight using Corrine. I downloaded the viewer and I was blown away at Windlight. Eagerly I set out first to Straylight Botanicals, admittedly one of the most gorgeous places to visit.

Here, I’m basking by the waterfall under the glow of the setting sun, giving that romantic feeling.

This one has a spooky forest feel, and makes you wonder if the girl in the picture isn’t some sort of apparition. It’s twilight and you could see the soft fog rolling through the trees, while the soft glow of the fireflies dance across seemingly following the moon beam trail.

And last and but not the least…

Sunny days by the pier. Not exactly dressed for the sea, but you take what you get. And frankly, I just couldn’t resist the pull to take at least a seaside or ocean picture. I decided to fore go the usual Victorian teahouse and instead took the day off to take a bit of time to absorb some sunshine and take a deep breath of sea air.

I suddenly have the urge to go take a vacation at the beach….

~ ♥ ~


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