Ol’ Tommy

It’s just so unfortunate, I’m too cheap to find a good men’s skin. The skin I had one gave my avie that

I’ve decided to make a simple period men’s outfit. Something a little more casual, like something he would wear in the privacy of his study with friends around the table, playing poker, enjoying their cigars and scotch.

And given the pin striped pants, it was both something I’d probably both see in the Victorian era and in Pulp.

Outfit comes with the following: White inner shirt, vest only (jacket), vest with inner shirt (with or without the scarf) and pants.

There are six (6) colors to choose from: blue, brown, moss, purple, steel & teal.

Each outfit is priced at L$450 each.

Naturally, the items are copy/modify/no transfer.

However if you wish to buy transferable or “gift” items, they are sold in a separate JEVN vendor (network vendor) in my Main store in Shengri La, Diloba and Caledon.

Or just get them off Slexchange. 🙂

~ ♥ ~

Next month I’ll be focusing on something not Victorian for a change and it’ll probably go on for two months or so. So stay tuned for both Silver Rose Designs and Lithium Flower.

On a side note, I’ve transfered my personal blog over to WordPress. (^o^)


2 thoughts on “Ol’ Tommy

  1. calixus says:

    Now these are rally stylish, while I wipe my eye for Green is amiss for me here:)

  2. I actually do have green. 😀 I renamed it “moss” although not sure if that’s the shade of green you’re looking for 🙂

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