War of the Burning Sands

“The wrath of brothers is fierce and devilish.” ~ Arabic proverb

They were the warriors of the desert. Mighty nomads that roamed the seemingly barren wastes of sand. In this world, there are those who in order to live must kill. In this fight of survival who will emerge victorious?

There are three tribes in this particular series: the lion, the scorpion and the serpent. Of the three tribes, they would have two (2) pattern designs, each design will have four (4) color variations. Both male and female versions are available. 🙂

A whooping total of forty-eight ( 48 ) outfits–if my math is correct– are available. Matching weapons will be provided by a friend, so if those come out, I’ll post them as soon as I can.

Each outfit usually includes the following: hood (w/ & w/o mask), scarf (w/ & w/o cape), tunic (shirt, skirt & occasionally in gloves), sculpted prim pants leg, sculpted prim sleeves (only for the men).

Each outfit cost L$ 490

All items are copy/modify/no transfer. Considering the size of the items and the limitations in terms of prim space and network space, I’ve decided to make the modify/transfer versions no longer available in-world. Instead, all modify/transfer (or gift items) for this product will only be available through SLExchange.

Eventually, I will be taking out my modify/transfer vendors perhaps several months down the line, but as of now, the modify/transfer vendors will no longer be updated.

After “War of the Burning Sands” I’ll be continuing my “Kingdom of Heaven” series 😀 Until then, this designer is going to take a break. See ya guys in WoW~! ♥

~ ♥ ~


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