Sultry Assassin

“A woman can hide her love for 40 years, but her disgust and anger not for one day” ~Arabian Proverb

A continuation of my Kingdom of Heaven series, is the sultry assassin Yasmin.

Perfect for the femme fetale who uses her feminine wiles to get close to her prey just before she slides the knife to finish the business and then disappears into the shadows to make her escape.

This outfit includes the following: Bra Top (w/ & w/o collar; jacket, shirt, & undershirt versions of both) pants, sash belt (skirt), sculpted prim sleeves, sculpted prim pants’ leg, sculpted prim mask & sculpted prim hood w/ cape

There are six colors to choose from: Cobalt, Crimson, Green, Midnight, Purple & Rust.

All items are Copy/Modify/No Transfer and are available in my Main store in Shengri La.

Gift items are only available through SLExchange.

~ ♥ ~

So far weapons aren’t ready yet, any update will be announced soon. (@_@). I’ll still continue to make more Arabian outfits on occasion but I might focus on something else again or at least try to finish my previous projects. 🙂

SL has been giving me a pain so the prospect of seeing “War of the Burning Sands” in SLExchange are kind of slim. I’ll add on it, but it’ll be slow. So for those who want a gift version of the outfit, just send me a notecard and specify which outfit you want, send moolah and I’ll deliver it right away when I get online. 🙂

~ ♥ ~


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