Silver Rose Design’s Main Store is Moving!

To my valuable and lovable not to mention gorgeous customers:

My main store in Shengrila is closed and I’ll be moving somewhere else fairly soon, like mainland (it’s all I can afford XD ). Actually, I already have my store being built there (will be done hopefully soon!). Also, I’m also moving Lithium Flower’s main store there (since it has a bigger space). I’ll still be keeping the botique in Badly Moor (I keep all of my first lands), so please no offers about buying the land off.

I’ll be posting the new LM soon when things are done. \(^o^)/

In the mean time please visit my other branches (like ever dependable Caledon and my latest botique in Rivet Town (gorgeous gorgeous sim!).

SLurls for the botiques:

*SRD* Caledon

*SRD* Rivet Town

~ ♫ ~


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