Silver Rose Designs & Lithium Flower Main Store Opening

After nearly more than two months, I’m finally re-opening my main store. It’s been a while, and it has been two difficult months of land scouting, buying, and eventually building the store (lets not forget the bouts of sickness in between). Budget aside, unfortunately I can only afford land on the Mainland (very glad I didn’t give in to the temptation in renting an Openspace Sim given the current brouhaha of the tier increase) it’s a bit laggy so I’d suggest to keep graphics settings on medium and to limit the camera draw distance when you drop by.

That being said, I’m also setting my modern clothing store in the same place as my main store, mostly to provide more versatality and give me ample reason to do more than just costumes… of course granted I can get off my fat ass and make them… In the mean time, I’ll have a lucky chair distract you all while I procastinate…kidding. (^^);;;

Moving on…

To celebrate the move, I’ve been trying my hand in making wedding items once more. It’s been a while since my first wedding gown (pre-flexi years) and it’s a surprisingly modern one. I designed Beautiful Sunday’s bride for a beach wedding affair. The outfit uses a lot of antique lace, and the gown’s cut has a very casual feel to it. No ballroom sized gown that devours the groom and worse, the minister and half the entourage!

Bridal outfit comes with scripted and non-scripted skirt, the non-flexi train, blouse, glitch pants, mesh skirt and a sculpted mantilla veil.

But what bride would be without her entourage? Bridesmaids and flower girls need not to look any further for their dress shopping needs. Both bridesmaid and flowergirls were designed in mind to *not* outstage the bride and still appear elegant.

Each bridesmaid outfit consists of a blouse, prim skirt, glitch pants and a mesh skirt. The flower girl dress comes with a blouse, glitchpants and a prim skirt.

Each outfit comes in four (4) colors to choose from: blue, green, chocolate and red.

Alienbear Gupte, my SL big sis, has also designed some wonderful jewelry to match the bride and her entourage. So please do visit her website and her store! She by far, makes the most awesome formal jewelry ever! Perfect for any bride, bridesmaid or flower girl. So don’t forget to visit her store. Tell her I sent ya~!

On Lithium Flower’s side, I designed a girly dress that was loosely based of a videogame heroine from one of my soon-to-be favorite game, Fatal Frame 4 (big Fatal Frame fan here).

Ruka comes with blouse, glitch pants, two (2) types of skirts (double or single layer), scripted and non-scripted skirts, and prim sleeves.

You can chose from six (6) colors: blue, green, rose, teal, lavender and yellow. A fat pack is also available, so you can avail the entire color set at a discounted price.

~ ♥ ~

All items from *both* stores, are COPY / MODIFY / NO TRANSFER. So please be careful in buying, and always read before buying any item. “Gift” items will be available in SLExchange, but even the permissions of the items will remain from now on to be Non-Transferable (meaning if you want to gift someone you’ll have to depend on the gifting option on the SLExchange itself).

SLurl of the new Mainstore: Silver Rose Designs & Lithium Flower Mainstore

~ ~


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