Silk Butterflies

After the holidays,  I’m no longer a big fan of weddings. Why oh, why does everyone want to get married in this hellish season? Sure the weather is cooler (I live in the tropics) but with the mania of Christmas why add with the hassle of wedding?

And our freaky weather has given me colds on and off. I am a tropics kind of girl, any temperature that dips a little below my normal body temperature for long periods of time is bad for me. :/

Anyway…off to my usual updates.

I decided to try to make another wedding gown and this came out. And yes, she was inspired off a certain bishoujo moon princess, so bite me. 😛

The bridal outfit comes in two (2) versions. The long gown version and a tea dress to wear at the reception.

Outfit comes with: Blouse (shirt), 2 types of glitchpants (for short and long dress), flexi prim skirt (4 parts, scripted and non-scripted for long gown, and a short dress version).

I based off the bridesmaid dress from an actual dress I saw at a wedding once. It was summer and it was a less formal event. It struck me because the girl who wore it was gorgeous. Long curly locks and a body only I can envy (I hate you metabolism…and genetics)

The outfit comes with a blouse (shirt and jacket version), glitch pants, flexi prim scarfy thingy, and sculpted prim skirt.

Alas for this time, I didn’t make any flower girl outfit to go with this gown. Perhaps in the future.

Before I go on, I’d like to thank Chad Foggarty for all the help in making the sculpties. Credit where credit is due, and Chad, you’re an awesome guy. Thank you for keeping me sane.

All items are COPY / MODIFY / NO TRANSFER.

~ ♥ ~

Due to some requests for AOs, I’d like to announce that Kamilah Hauptmann of ‘Posture Is Everything (P.I.E.) has set up some Animation Overrides or AOs, for ladies, gentlemen and even brides in my main store. I’ve known Kamilah for quite some time, she’s an awesome, talented girl. She’s done AOs previously to match my gowns as long ago as the pre-flexi prim era and I can say this, that if you need AOs to go for your Victorian lady, vavoom seductress, and the dashing gentleman, P.I.E. is the way to go.

On another note, I’ve set up a tiny photography stand in my store. It features some photos done by budding photographers. If you guys are also looking for photographers with talent and won’t strain the budget, check their portfolio’s out. I’m hoping to have more photographers put up soon.

~ ♥ ~


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