Miss Maverick ♥

Seminars, a sprained wrist (which is still twitchy by the way and I can’t put too much weight on it) and other real life concerns, has kept me occupied lately. I guess it didn’t help that a lot of Second Life happenings has burned me out (not to mention kept me fairly distracted from getting any real work done). I’ve decided to lay back on some of my ‘frivolous’ activities and re-focus on my work for Silver Rose Designs and Lithium Flower.

That being said, I suppose lets just hop on to the updates.

Miss Maverick was inspired by the gown worn in the movie Maverick upon the request of a good friend. Unfortunately, I’m not that talented enough to actually get the actual gown right (plus I lacked reference pictures).

The gown comes with the following: blouse, corset (jacket version), panties, stocking (both opaque and transparent), system skirt, glitch pants, prim lace ruffles with sculpted prim uni-boob, sculpted prim sleeves with lace, and prim skirt (both scripted and non-scripted).

*Note: Warning! I’ve used SL’s sculpted prim mirroring. If you’re using an older client, the prims may not come out right if you rez them, so please get the latest client if you want them to look right. The vendors have also notes saying that Mirrored Prims were used. Read them!

There are six (6) colors to choose from: Blue, Chocolate, Green, Purple, Red and Steel.

Group Gift

The ‘Antique Rose’ version will be available to the SRD group members, after fourteen (14) days or when the notice expires, the item will then be available at the Lucky Chair.


My items are also available at XStreet SL.

Visit my store here.

~ ❤ ~

*Update:  I am such a noob that I realized that the vendors were not set to sell. Well the vendors are fixed now.

~ ❤ ~


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