New Store~!

I’ve recently been able to find a spot in lovely Victoriana sim to set up a branch for Silver Rose Designs. I’m hopeful and I luckily found a place just across the train station and a small walk away to the harbour.

Victoriana came highly recommended by a good friend of mine and looking it over I can see why. For one the builds are all well made, and the harbour view is simply fantastic.

Preference wise, I would love getting a store facing the harbour, unfortunately there was no store space available. I was only quite lucky to find a shop just right across the train station (telehub point) and beside the staircase leading to the harbour.

Did I just mention how the harbour view was gorgeous? I did? Okay, moving on..

Interior wise, the store is a spacious two story building. Unfortunately given my finances, I could only afford renting only around a hundred prims. So I apologize if decor is a little sparse. Aside from new releases and wedding items, I currently use JEVN Network vendors to save on prim space.

Overall, I’m a bit nervous and excited in opening a new branch. I may not have a lot right now that isn’t old stock but I’m hoping to change that soon.

That being said, I’d like to say thank you to the Victoriana community for the warm welcome and I look forward to serving you.

To visit my new store: Click here.

~ ❤ ~


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