Lady Noir

Whew! First new product update for the month of April! It’ll be Holy Week here so my update would be sporadic at best since my brain will be wired in Vacation Mindset (one can hope–I am impossible to pry off my computer).

Lady Noir was inspired from another Western, only this time it wasn’t a movie but a table-top game called ‘Deadlands’ that my friends and I played a few months ago. The gown was named after my character, Lady Noir.

The outfit comes with the following: blouse (opaque and transparent lace), corset only (opaque and transparent lace), gloves (opaque and transparent lace), system skirt (it can be worn as a stand alone if you dont want to wear the prim skirts), glitch pants, sculpted prim sleeves, prim skirt (scripted and non-scripted).

As indicated, I’ve used SL’s “Mirror Prim” for the sculpties.

There are several colors to choose from: Blue, Chocolate, Gold, Green, Purple and Red.

For this update  instead of giving away a group only gift / Lucky Chair item, I’ve instead set aside one of the color alteration gowns for my Relay For Life vendor. The vendor is located in Steelhead Saloon, so please drop by and donate! A little comes a long way and it’s for a good cause.

I would have joined the RFL years ago, considering my mother had passed on from Breast Cancer 2006, but I had been very busy doing a personal RFL to pay for the debt we owe. It’s an ungodly sum (at least to me) just how much we had to spend, but even if we were simply buying borrowed time, it was money well spent.

As always, all items are COPY / MODIFY / NO TRANSFER.

My items are available in XStreet SL.

You can visit my store here.

~ ❤ ~


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