Ugh, the past two months had not been kind. In-between heat waves, a typhoon and everyone I know who got the flu and the cold–I just recovered from the sniffles myself–but it was still somewhat productive.

I am unsure where I got the idea of designing Charlotte. And the name? Just randomly picked by my brain. Oh the stuff you think off under the influence of cold meds.

This outfit comes with the following: blouse (with and without mesh, in both jacket and shirt version), glitch pants, system skirt, scuplted prim sleeves (upper and lower sleeves), and the prim skirt (both unscripted and scripted).

As indicated the outfit contains “Mirrored Prims” for the sculpties.

The outfit comes in six (6) versions: Blue with Gold, Blue with Silver, Green with Gold, Green with Silver, Purple with Gold and Purple with Silver.

Charlotte (Red and Silver) version will be available as a SRD Group Only gift for fourteen (14) days or until the notice expires.

Afterwhich the item will be available as a Lucky Chair item.


They are also available in XStreet SL.

You can also visit my store here.

~ ❤ ~


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