Sweet Lolita Lucretia

Urgh. I haven’t been sleeping well the past few weeks, so I’m usually left lethargic and with a near constant headache. With enough sleep and rest thankfully, it isn’t so bad anymore. However, I’ve been delayed a bit in sending out new outfits so I apologize for the delay (that and trying to practice in Blender while sick isn’t what I’d call a brilliant idea…)

I’ve decided to revive my lolita collection, although I figured of going in the different stylistic direction. I’m really enamored for the minimalist style as opposed of notorious frills and lace. I want something that won’t terrify non-lolita fans.

Lucretia is an outer wear dress, it’s something you can wear as a standalone summery outfit or something to wear over your favorite blouse for a more formal look. Each outfit has both plain and printed versions to choose from. The outfit has the gloves separate from the actual dress.

It includes the following: blouse (w/ & w/o print, jacket & shirt type), glitchpants, sculpted bows, gloves, sculpted cuff, two (2) styles prim skirt (both scripted & non-scripted).

You can choose from nine (9) colors: Black, Black-Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, Red-Black, & Teal.

A fatpack is also available.

Lucretia in Pink, is available in my Group only Gift Chair. So, just remember to switch to your Silver Rose Design group tags and sit on the cushions for a few minutes to get your gift.


My items are available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

~ ❤ ~


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