Silver Rose Designs in Taisho Era

It was funny how this all came about, my boyfriend was running an L5R-Mushi-shi cross-over game set in the Taisho Era, a setting that was special to both of us. And it got me to think: “I will only make Prohibition outfits, basically fashion set from 1910’s up to the 1930’s if my stuff were to be showcased in a Taisho Sim.”

My boyfriend knows this, considering that we’re also both fans of ATLUS and Demon Summoner Kuzunoha Raidou (which was beautifully set in the Taisho Era), it was little wonder I’d think of this. If anything I did *try* my hand to expand my work as evidence to Spring Time Jazz and Tequila Rose early 2008, but sales were lacking–meaning no one really bought anything. It was a disheartening experience back then.

Then Ms. Seri Writer contacted me this week and offered me a place in the Taisho Era sim that she was running. I had initially thought it was a mistake. I was a Victorian costumer why would she want me there? We talked a bit more and later on I had realized that I found myself eager to start on this project of making more clothing to match the setting, even while I was still working on my current one!

Sure enough once Hillary was off the shelves did I find myself scrambling to look for a prefab storefront to use. It took me a while until I found Four Winds. I’m using their Teal Brownstone Downtown Shoppe. I just wish Ms. Koshari could build more storefronts, there really isn’t a lot out there that are not 10×10 meters.

My store currently is a little bare, particularly since I realized that all my furniture in this account were fairly old, and extremely primmy. Plus finding prim potted plants is very challenging!

As part of my promotion, I’ll be pricing my Moga / Taisho / Prohibition / PULP outfits cheaper in this store as compared to my main store. Already both Spring Time Jazz and Tequila Rose are at discount price here.

The new store is located here.

~ ❤ ~


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