Working Gal

I don’t know why sometimes but the simpler the dress the more I feel like I’m struggling to get it right. There’s something about the simplicity of clothing that mayhaps tend to stump me. It’s the same kind of thing I get when I design men’s clothes, which is probably why it takes me forever to make them.

Working Girl, is the latest in my attempt at making the Moga look, Prohibition inspired obviously.

The outfit includes: Jacket w/ Blouse, Jacket only (jacket), Blouse only (jacket & shirt), glitchpants (pants & underpants), prim skirt (scripted & non-scripted), sculpted prim sleeves, & sculpted clotche hat.

You can choose from five (5) colors: Chocolate, Ebony, Peach, Purple & Teal at L$400 each.

A fatpack is available at L$1,200.


My items are also available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

If you visit my Taisho store in Roman, you can avail for the discounted versions of this outfit with the outfit costing L$250 each and the fatpack at L$800.

Click here to visit my Taisho Store.

~ ❤ ~

On other news, I’ll be holding a half-priced  sale on selected items in my Main Store from 7:00pm July 29, 2009 – 7:00pm July 30, 2009 (SLT). This is going to be a “Cold Storage” sale, as the discounted items will be taken off from the shelves in-world and will only be available at XStreet SL after.

The sale is limited to the Main Store only.

~ ❤ ~

*Edit to add: I’ve fixed up the linked vendors in both my Main Store and my store in Caledon. Ugh I feel so silly now.


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