Demure Maiden, Pamela

When it rains, it pours and turns into a tropical typhoon with flooding. I think that would be best to describe this month of September.

That being said, updates got a little delayed this time around, so I’m not sure if I can produce another outfit before next week. Here’s to miracles. >_>

My latest lolita dress, is very demure. The dress can be worn two ways: it can be worn as a stand-alone dress that’s perfect for summer and spring or when the weather is just warm and as an outer dress to put on over your favorite blouse. For this dress, I did include a matching inner white blouse just in case you don’t have any blouses you’d like to wear with the outer dress.

The outfit includes the following: Outer dress blouse (shirt & jacket), outer dress glitch pants, outer dress sculpted collar, inner white blouse (shirt & undershirt), inner white blouse sculpted sleeves, outer dress flexi prim skirt (scripted & non-scripted).

There are six (6) color alternatives to choose from: Blue, Choco, Lilac, Olive, Peach & Teal.

The outfit costs L$200 each. A fatpack is also available for L$850.

Pamela (Steel), is available in my Group only Gift Chair. So, just remember to switch to your Silver Rose Design group tags and sit on the cushions for a few minutes to get your gift.


My items are available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

~ ❤ ~


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