New Store and Other Things

Yesterday’s horrid, horrid downpour that put half the city (and the surrounding cities) under flood waters and having two people stranded at my place to spend the night all has not made things “happy” for all of us here. I’m just grateful that power didn’t go out in our area, then we’d be really screwed.

September is not a happy month to be, at least in my end of the world.

On SL related news, I have recently been granted an opportunity to open a stall in this nice fantasy-esque sim called Savage Gardens, my thanks to SwisBeagle Tomorrow for the invitation. My stall is situated by the corner almost by the sim’s edge. You’ll recognize the stall if you see a purple banner with a silver rose and dagger flapping gently in the breeze.  It also has a second floor,  to get there just click on the ladder to climb up.

Click here to visit my store in Savage Gardens.

Now my branch in Kingdom of Sands has moved to a new and better market. It’s not yet open to the public, until the end of the month I think. I honestly like it, for one the market is a lot less laggy, it felt bigger due to the open air market design. And did I already mention that the build is just divine? I would honestly love to join the RP given the taste of the setting but I’m not exactly very well versed in this setting. (^^)

So update your Kingdom of Sand LMs to my store by clicking here, I’ll see you guys when the sim opens.

I’ve also recently finally gotten my hands on a Subscribe-O-Matic and I sort of forgot about it. :/ I know silly right? But I did remember that I do have a copy, so now I’ve set one up in my Main Store. I was going to set up in all my stores but my intarwebs weren’t cooperating (not surprising given the abysmal weather we’ve had).

So for those who don’t have enough Group slots, just click on the sign to get your updates. Now the downside to this is that you can’t use the Group Only gift chair unless you’re in the Silver Rose Design group. 😦

Now the past few days I’ve been fixing up the store and adding the option to “Buy All” (or what’s commonly called in SL as the ‘Fatpack’) option. Instead of a ginormous vendor, I’ve instead opted for simplicity. Just look at the lower right (or left for some) display poster and you’ll see it.

The “Buy All” option allows you to get all color alterations of the gowns / dresses / costumes at a discounted price, instead of buying them one-by-one.

The Fatpacks are currently only available in my Main Store.

~ ❤ ~


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