New Arabian Fantasy Handmaiden Costume

Before I begin, I’d like to thank all those who have donated to the Red Cross for the victims of the Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana. Your efforts are much appreciated, and every little bit given helps.

Now onward to the update.

Well October is upon us and I’m fairly delayed from making stuff. Considering that Halloween is coming soon, it only made sense for me to make something that’s usually different from my usual main stays of Victorian or Lolita/EGL. It’s just that I make costumes to begin with so I figured I’d at least do something I don’t do often, which in this case was to design another fantasy Arabian outfit.

Zahrah is part of the Kingdom of Heaven, sort of my sub-category for Arabian/Desert-esque inspired fashion/costumes. Zahrah was intended to be an outfit for a Jinn though now that I look at it, it seemed more appropriate for a royal handmaiden.

I’ve tried to make this outfit a little bit more versatile by adding a translucent version of the glitch-pants (and the sculpted poofy part), an option for short or long tassels on the scarf belt, opaque and or translucent veils. They’re just minor things to make things a little bit more interesting. Unfortunately I didn’t get enough time to play with Blender to come up with better add-ons.

The outfit includes the following: Blouse (jacket & shirt), Glitchpants (opaque & translucent), sculpted poofy pants attachment (opaque & translucent), sculpted scarf belt (short & long tassels), and sculpted prim veil (opaque & translucent).

There are eight (8) colour alternatives to choose from: Blue, Bronze, Midnight Blue, Pearl, Pink, Purple, Red and Steel.

Each outfit costs L$550 each, and the fatpack that contains all eight (8) outfits costs L$3,500.

Zahrah (Emerald) is available in my Group Only Gift Chair. So, just remember to switch to your Silver Rose Design group tags, and sit on the cushions for a few minutes to get your gift.


My items are available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

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