I’m Still Alive! For Now…

No, GlaDOS hasn’t killed me, but it sure felt like it!

This is just a mini-update to say that I’m not dead yet, and I didn’t suddenly abandon Second Life. It’s just the past weeks I’ve been juggling hospital tests (follow up Brain MRI, blood tests, ultra-sound, sonomamography etc etc), and the subsequent doctor visits (not to mention medication involved) and even some minor out-patient surgery. I’m not even done yet, considering two of my doctors are booked solid until the next two weeks and I need to visit them too.

In addition to that, my family and I are moving to a new condominium. We’ll be renting out the one we’re living in now since it’ll be far more profitable to just rent some place cheaper and earn from the rent. So the past week and the next few weeks are filled with sorting out junk (that has accumulated in the last ten years), holding a garage sale, designing the place, buying furniture & appliances.

Oh lets not forget I also caught the flu just a few days ago (and I was still trying to pack and stuff). (@_@)

Given the expenses involved, and the fact I’m not making anything the past few weeks, I will have to close some of my stores that aren’t earning as much, as I may not be able to sustain the rental (or even be online for that matter to pay for them–I still have yet to talk to our utilities and ISP service regarding the change of address and installation of phone lines, cable and DSL (and given I live in a third-world country, it would be a sheer miracle if they can get everything up by the end of the month) at the new place.

I’ll try to be online as much as I can, although mostly to take a short break from the insanity and pay rent. But other than that I’ll be a bit scarce for a while. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish my Steam-punk Victorian outfit within the month at least.

Anyway wish me luck on the move and my doctor’s and see you guys soon. 🙂



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