*SRD* Update: Steel Magnolia

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my lateness. It has been, the worst holidays ever. I realized how frickin’ old I am the moment I’ve stopped being happy when Christmas rolled about. Instead of the eager child awaiting presents and all the goodies that came with the holidays, I am instead the one trudging through jam packed malls, buying presents and making goodies for everyone else while not expecting stuff in return, because you know…I’m an adult and that’s what adults do. (-_-)

Lets not forget my car getting busted, and suffered a severe asthma attack that lead to an infection hence getting sick with the flu and then the cold for several weeks after. The rest of my Christmas budget after the car repair and medication (not to mention doctor visits) went poof.

Second is I’ve recently lost my second pet this morning, the sister of the mini-kangaroo rat (as it’s called here but, they’re called gerbils everywhere else) that died last November 22, 2009. I guess that’s natural, the vet said they’re old…but I believed that Yuki-Roo got lonely and decided to pick up her litter mate sister, Suki-Roo. Unfortunately that left my third roo, Mimiru alone now. 😦

Anyway, enough with the depressing RL. I’ve finally finished the dress I’ve been meaning to finish like weeks ago had I not been sick. Now originally I wanted it to be steampunk theme, hence the appearance of some metallic like accents (I got the design idea off another Granado Espada outfit), however the end result…came out less Victorian than what I had expected, but something I’d put under “Fantasy-Steampunk Victorian” I guess, not sure. You guys be the judge. 🙂

The outfit includes the following: Blouse w/ &w/o lace (shirt & jacket), system skirt (long & short), glitchpants (long & short), sculpty sleeves w/ & w/o lace, blouse lace, sculpty gold belt, sculpty skirt for long skirt, bustle with lace skirt & train, & lace gloves.

*Mirror Sculpts were used.

Outfit comes in six (6) colors: Atlantis, Carnival, Cranberry, Tangerine, Turquoise & Umber.

Each outfit costs L$600. A fatpack is also available at L$2,400, that’s the price of four (4) outfits instead of six (6)! Major discount right there.

For my lovely group members, Steel Magnolia (Blarney) is available in my Group Only Gift Chair. So, just remember to switch to your Silver Rose Design group tags, and sit on the cushions for a few minutes to get your gift.


My items are available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

~ ❤ ~

A special announcement…

Opium Fashion Agency is going to have a show, called Opium Tales: Babes in Toyland.

As you can see, the show will also have some of my stuff here. I’m tickled pink honestly~! Show your support and drop by~! I’m hoping to show up as well granted my timezone and this erratic holiday schedule lets me.

Thanks Opium, you guys rawk! ♥

~ ❤ ~

Now some of you may have noticed that the Silver Rose Design group is now a paid enrollment. Why? It’s because this is to prevent abuse on getting the group gifts. I’ve noticed some members leaving and re-joining again once new stuff come out and leaving once they get the gifts, and frankly that’s not very nice. 😦

Instead, I’m putting a stop to that. To those who want to save on group space, they can just join my Subscribe-O-Matic which you can find in all my stores. In fact, it’s a neat thing because it’s a subscription group to two (2) of my stores (Silver Rose Design & Lithium Flower) instead of just one. Problem is, no group gifts here unless you join the group. 🙂

Another is that I’ll be closing most of my store branches that I pay rent to except for my main store in Urqhart, Caledon and Taishou-Modern. Mostly because I simply can not afford rental anymore. One day when sales are better, I’ll hopefully rent again. But right now, sadly I must bite the bullet and say good bye to those wonderful spaces that has been home to my shop for a long time.

I love you guys. Its not you, its me. I’m sorry to say good-bye, but one day I’m sure we’ll be together once more.

~ ❤ ~


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