Babes in Toyland Photos~

I only got to watch the fashion on the 2nd day, which was last January 3, 2010 SLT which translated to January 4, 2010 in the morning on my end.

I’ve never had a fashion show…I think? I recall sending a dress or two at some show once or twice but never in the same way that Opium has done and I couldn’t be any more grateful and happy.

It was fun, I parked my avie in the actual place the day before because I didn’t want the hassle of lagging whilst TPing in. The show was in a doll house and the “ramp”—if one would call it that–was the empty space in the middle as models descended from the ceiling in their display cases like dolls.

Although what surprised me a little is how everyone still liked my older designs, in particular Gothic Lolita Claudia. She was my first ever gothic lolita dress I made in 2006, and if my ego would allow it say that it’s probably the first EGL clothing to ever appear in SL (I think I don’t know…).

I still remember the brouhaha over that outfit. An outspoken troll in SL (popular for her lulzy troll posts) accused me in her blog for promoting pedophilia. After being hit in the head about her ignorance that it was a fashion statement that originated from Japan etc, and defended by people who I’d never met (some I knew) this Queen Troll eventually, sorta recanted her statement.  In fact I didn’t know about until it was over and I was a little bemused, flattered by the attention and well the defense by people I hardly knew.

I think this is how I met Iris. ♥

The fashion show, boasts of a vertical runway–a first in SL I think. I’ve not been in many fashion shows to really say but I loved how they did it. It got me thinking of hanging stages where they depict scenes and have models pose. It’s sort of like a hanging fashion art gallery.

Well that’s something to consider given I make costumes. *ponder ponder*

Sadly I’m too poor to afford models, building the sets and the furniture needed. Oh well…

Other than my clothes, there were other designers present too. That’s whats fun in attending fashion events. You get to see other people’s stuff that you’d not normally see before unless you shop like a fiend or something.

Although my favorites would have to be Black Canary’s designs. They’re so whimsical and they have stuff for men too! Creator’s wicked talented and quite enviable (met him through Coley a long time ago–not sure if he even remembers me XD), easily one of my favored designs for gothic lolita.

Sadly I’m more the opposite as my stuff are more “sweet” lolita or Victorian maiden-ish lolita, mostly streamlined stuff.

I’m also fond of this particular dress, I forgot who the creator was, but it’s an adorable Marie Antoinette inspired dress. It was so whimsical! I’m not sure if the hair was included—I don’t really remember, but the hairpiece had a tiny cage with a bird in it. It was just that adorable!

Over all, the show was a fun event, one I didn’t mind having to attend and see it again for sure.


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