Unhurried Day

It can be stated that I am a hermit, not necessarily by choice. My rather shy personality and my timezone has me easily alienated from most people I know. So much so I haven’t caught any of my closest friends online in weeks at a time. That being said even making friends is a struggle or even be in the same room with more than five or more people at a time (a problem I also have in RL). So moments where I can unwind with friends even ones I may not be too close too, is something to be treasured.

My friend Seri invited me to visit this Japanese sim, a gorgeous dreamy place with soothing music to check out something. She invited a few folks too, two of which I know: Iris—a good friend I met over a few years ago and Morrigan who I met once through my favorite fairy Coley.

It was fun hanging around…we stayed in this little plot with glowing trees and photo frames jutting out from the sand. From what I can understand, those were Seri’s photography. I was tempted to buy a couple if I had any real SL residence to set them up in or a hangout friends can frequent.

We three ladies ended up sitting on this rocking chair horsie while Morri had to settle for the leaf bicycle, both items from Happy Mood. We talked about random things, like shops we liked, where to find a Bayonetta costume and other trivial things.

One or two people even dropped by to say “Hi”, mostly Seri’s friends most of who are Japanese. It was nice even though I can’t understand what’s going on (sadly I can not speak the language) but I enjoyed the company none the less, so much so that I missed work and didn’t log off until everyone left. :3

It was a fun, quiet time, and one I hope to experience again soon.

~ ❤ ~


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