*SRD* Update: Sensible Elinor

I got a few inspirations from Sense and Sensibility, and made a Regency inspired dress. It’s a very light, spring themed dress. After weeks and months of winter clothes and it’s almost about time to change into something sweet and airy.

Granted I’ve never known winter because well…I live in the tropics. (^_^) So making winter apparel has never been a thing for me. So if you’re wondering why I’m suddenly pushing non-winter apparel this early, then at least you know why.

The outfit comes with the following: Blouse (jacket & shirt), glitchpants, lace cut gloves, sculpted collar, sculpted prim sleeves, prim flexi skirt and a sculpted bonnet (which I never got a photo off because I didn’t have the right hair for it).

Outfit comes in six (6) colors to choose from: Blue, Canary, Mint, Noir, Rose, & Violet.

The outfits cost L$400 each and a fatpack is available at L$1,600. So you get six gowns for the prize of four!

Fatpack is available at my Mainstore (sadly they are not contained in my JEVN Network Vendors).

For my lovely group members, Elinor (Lavender) is available in my Group Only Gift Chair. So, just remember to switch to your Silver Rose Design group tags, and sit on the cushions for a few minutes to get your gift.


My items are available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

~ ❤ ~

Okay, everyone may have heard about Avatar’s United, a Second Life Facebook social networking (although it’s capacity does not entirely focus on Second Life as it supports other MMOs like World of Warcraft). It’s basically your Avatar’s Facebook, literally.

It looks like Facebook, even *feels* like Facebook.

But the problem right now particularly is that some folks using Avatar’s United had started forming “official” groups in behalf of Caledon, a Victorian-Steampunk community that Desmond Shang started in late 2005 (or was it early 2006?). Which can be a dizzy of a drama can of worms right there.

It’s like a fanfic writer claiming to own the material where his fanfic is based from, if you get my drift?

Desmond Shag’s official word for the matter:

Official word is this: for now, Please Do Not Use the Avatar United site for Caledon stuff.

Right now, Des has every right to be upset that someone is infringing on his trademark by claiming to be “official” voice of Caledon in AU. So until this whole drama has sorted this out, please kindly withdraw from any of the AU groups pertaining to Caledon.

I know Des is a sweetheart and is fairly easy going and I’m sure the whole group was never meant to be malicious but please, stop and think for a moment. Claiming to be an ‘official’ group or whatever when you’re not is not the smartest thing to do.

~ ❤ ~


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