*SRD* Affiliate Vendors Now Available

Finally got to set up my Affiliate Vendors. So for folks who own Victorian roleplay or sims, Lolita, Arabian and Fantasy sims, they can pick up the Affiliate vendors to set up in their place to sell.

It has a 25% commission for resellers, which I think is a fairly good deal.

The vendors are sold at L$1 so that I can monitor and verify those who got the vendors. If you’re curious I’m using JEVN’s T vendors so there’s no need to enroll or register to any website. Simply rez the vendors and go. 🙂

Inside the *SRD* Affiliate Vendor box you’ll find five (5) vendors: Victorian/Period Gowns, Men’s wear, Lolita wear, Fantasy Wear, and Period Costumes (non-Vic). Each vendor is 13 prims each, just so you know. Also inside the box is a copy/mod/no trans SRD Store Sign with transparent background, SRD Store policy poster, and two SRD Store props–which is basically a picture of models wearing my outfits on a transparent background.

Feel free to send me feedback~

The Affiliate Vendors are available in my Main Store, click here to TP.

~ ❤ ~


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