*SRD* Update: Clover Girl Lolita

Miss Clover’s gown made lolita-ized! I figured if I was going to make Alice in Wonderland, Wonderland Denizens theme I might as well make the lolita version right?

This outfit comes with the following: Dress Blouse (shirt), corset (2 styles, jacket), glitch pants, flexi sleeves, flexi prim skirt (w/ leg parts), pants, sculpted pants’ leg, sculpted choker and a pair of lace cut gloves.

I’ve actually separated the corset with or without the inner white blouse as a separate jacket layer. This is to allow you to wear the corset with your other outfits should you choose too. Gives the outfit more flexibility.

There are six (6) colors to choose from: Blue, Crimson, Fuschia, Purple, Teal & Umber.

Each outfit costs L$ 350 and a fatpack is available at L$1,000. That’s the price of three (3) dresses to get all six (6)! That’s huge discount right there~! ♥


My items are available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

~ ❤ ~

Additionally, I’m having a small sale at my Silver Rose Designs Taisho Branch in ROMAN sim. I’m having a “Fatpack Sale”, so any Fatpacks available there will be priced at L$ 850 indefinitely! That is, until I take them down to make room for other products.

So take advantage of the sale and drop by!

Click here to visit my Taisho Store.

*Lithium Flower items are exempt from the Fatpack sale (come on, those are cheap already! 😛 )

~ ❤ ~

I’ll be preparing my St. Patrick’s Hunt so stay tuned for that. I just need to set it up, but I’ll have an announcement by the weekend definitely.

~ ❤ ~


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