Selling My Right to Rent

I’ve downsized my Caledon store in Victoria City from my previous 3,328 sqm to 1,024 sqm. Which gives me an extra 2,304 sqm plot that I am letting go.

For those interested these are details:

Lot #2
2304 sqm, 527 prims
Rent: L$844 a week
Location: Dyne St. (the circular road just behind the Victorian Hub land)
Description: The land is right behind P.I.E. and Silver Rose Designs store. There is a street (Delarosa St) leading from the Victoria City Hub directly to the plot.

Land makes for a perfect store front, park or even your own home.

Click here to visit.

Please note that I am not selling land ownership, merely the right to lease/rent in this place. Caledon is a wonderfully themed Victorian (and Steampunk) sim, with a thriving community. Caledon is one of the first Victorian themed sims and one of the strong standing ones. Desmond Shang is one of the nicest land lords I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I’ve rented from him ever since the beginning (previous owner of Lot #1 of Caledon). I can assure you that you will be taken good care of here.

So please visit, take a look, enjoy the polite company, have tea..just don’t mind the occasional mad scientist or two.

*If you are interested, feel free to send me a notecard with your offer. I’m more or less, looking for L$10/sqm. Whatever days left in the meter is not included in the payment.


Update: This land has been sold.


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