*L✿F* Update: Cotton Candy

Been a while since I’ve done any modern clothing. This time I’m doing something a bit for spring-summer sweetness. A dress shirt sweet enough to give you cavities.

Cotton Candy is a shirt dress with two (2) styles to wear it. One style is a sculpted skirt type, and another is a puffy-skirt type with flexi skirt peeking underneath. The blouse has both with inner shirt version and without, so if you want a little vamp to your sweet, you can still do so.

Cotton Candy comes with the following: Blouse (w/ & w/o inner shirt, shirt & jacket ver.), glitchpants (pants & underpants ver.), sculpted prim sleeves, sculpted skirt (2 styles, one style with flexi skirt attachments).

You can choose from five (5) colors: Blue, Lilac, Lemon, Orange & Pink.

Cotton Candy is at L$90 each, the fatpack at L$360.

Group Gift is also available in the store. Cotton Candy (Mint) is a Lithium Flower group exclusive gift. To avail the free outfit, simply search for Lithium Flower in group search and join. The group is free to join.

Once that’s done, switch to your group tag and click on the vendor to receive your gift.

Item includes: Blouse w/ inner shirt (shirt & jacket ver), glitchpants (pants & underpants), sculpted sleeves, sculpted prim skirt (1 style).

All items are COPY / MODIFY / NO TRANSFER.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

Items are also available in Xstreet, click here to be redirected to my Merchant page!

~ ❤ ~


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