*SRD* Discount Items

It has been harrowing past few months (and currently going to get a lot more busy too), a lot of RL stuff that kept me away from putting out new stuff and the like. Also found out the floor of my store disappeared (and I don’t know why—I was told that some overzealous LL employee deleted all the megaprims made by a certain person) and the store build is missing in my inventory so I can’t replace the store now.

However I’ll be building a new store (God help me) so until then, I’m setting up some discount items to tide you guys over until the build is over. I’ll try to put up some new stuff in between, as I really really need to, but until then some lolita and fantasy outfits will be set out as discounted items (also the proceeds will go to help me buy the sculpted windows and doors I need..gah!).

Once the build is up, the sale will most likely be over and those items will be taken out of the grid (but not out of SL Marketplace–sale not applicable there).

Just look for the glowy wall and the equally glowy sign indicating the discount items. 🙂

**Note: Discount Items only applies to the Main Store Only.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

~ ❤ ~


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