Selling My Right to Rent

I’ve downsized my Caledon store in Victoria City from my previous 3,328 sqm to 1,024 sqm. Which gives me an extra 2,304 sqm plot that I am letting go.

For those interested these are details:

Lot #2
2304 sqm, 527 prims
Rent: L$844 a week
Location: Dyne St. (the circular road just behind the Victorian Hub land)
Description: The land is right behind P.I.E. and Silver Rose Designs store. There is a street (Delarosa St) leading from the Victoria City Hub directly to the plot.

Land makes for a perfect store front, park or even your own home.

Click here to visit.

Please note that I am not selling land ownership, merely the right to lease/rent in this place. Caledon is a wonderfully themed Victorian (and Steampunk) sim, with a thriving community. Caledon is one of the first Victorian themed sims and one of the strong standing ones. Desmond Shang is one of the nicest land lords I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I’ve rented from him ever since the beginning (previous owner of Lot #1 of Caledon). I can assure you that you will be taken good care of here.

So please visit, take a look, enjoy the polite company, have tea..just don’t mind the occasional mad scientist or two.

*If you are interested, feel free to send me a notecard with your offer. I’m more or less, looking for L$10/sqm. Whatever days left in the meter is not included in the payment.


Update: This land has been sold.


Unhurried Day

It can be stated that I am a hermit, not necessarily by choice. My rather shy personality and my timezone has me easily alienated from most people I know. So much so I haven’t caught any of my closest friends online in weeks at a time. That being said even making friends is a struggle or even be in the same room with more than five or more people at a time (a problem I also have in RL). So moments where I can unwind with friends even ones I may not be too close too, is something to be treasured.

My friend Seri invited me to visit this Japanese sim, a gorgeous dreamy place with soothing music to check out something. She invited a few folks too, two of which I know: Iris—a good friend I met over a few years ago and Morrigan who I met once through my favorite fairy Coley.

It was fun hanging around…we stayed in this little plot with glowing trees and photo frames jutting out from the sand. From what I can understand, those were Seri’s photography. I was tempted to buy a couple if I had any real SL residence to set them up in or a hangout friends can frequent.

We three ladies ended up sitting on this rocking chair horsie while Morri had to settle for the leaf bicycle, both items from Happy Mood. We talked about random things, like shops we liked, where to find a Bayonetta costume and other trivial things.

One or two people even dropped by to say “Hi”, mostly Seri’s friends most of who are Japanese. It was nice even though I can’t understand what’s going on (sadly I can not speak the language) but I enjoyed the company none the less, so much so that I missed work and didn’t log off until everyone left. :3

It was a fun, quiet time, and one I hope to experience again soon.

~ ❤ ~

*SRD* Update: Steel Magnolia

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my lateness. It has been, the worst holidays ever. I realized how frickin’ old I am the moment I’ve stopped being happy when Christmas rolled about. Instead of the eager child awaiting presents and all the goodies that came with the holidays, I am instead the one trudging through jam packed malls, buying presents and making goodies for everyone else while not expecting stuff in return, because you know…I’m an adult and that’s what adults do. (-_-)

Lets not forget my car getting busted, and suffered a severe asthma attack that lead to an infection hence getting sick with the flu and then the cold for several weeks after. The rest of my Christmas budget after the car repair and medication (not to mention doctor visits) went poof.

Second is I’ve recently lost my second pet this morning, the sister of the mini-kangaroo rat (as it’s called here but, they’re called gerbils everywhere else) that died last November 22, 2009. I guess that’s natural, the vet said they’re old…but I believed that Yuki-Roo got lonely and decided to pick up her litter mate sister, Suki-Roo. Unfortunately that left my third roo, Mimiru alone now. 😦

Anyway, enough with the depressing RL. I’ve finally finished the dress I’ve been meaning to finish like weeks ago had I not been sick. Now originally I wanted it to be steampunk theme, hence the appearance of some metallic like accents (I got the design idea off another Granado Espada outfit), however the end result…came out less Victorian than what I had expected, but something I’d put under “Fantasy-Steampunk Victorian” I guess, not sure. You guys be the judge. 🙂

The outfit includes the following: Blouse w/ &w/o lace (shirt & jacket), system skirt (long & short), glitchpants (long & short), sculpty sleeves w/ & w/o lace, blouse lace, sculpty gold belt, sculpty skirt for long skirt, bustle with lace skirt & train, & lace gloves.

*Mirror Sculpts were used.

Outfit comes in six (6) colors: Atlantis, Carnival, Cranberry, Tangerine, Turquoise & Umber.

Each outfit costs L$600. A fatpack is also available at L$2,400, that’s the price of four (4) outfits instead of six (6)! Major discount right there.

For my lovely group members, Steel Magnolia (Blarney) is available in my Group Only Gift Chair. So, just remember to switch to your Silver Rose Design group tags, and sit on the cushions for a few minutes to get your gift.


My items are available in XStreet SL, just click here to see my list of items.

To visit my Main Store, click here.

~ ❤ ~

A special announcement…

Opium Fashion Agency is going to have a show, called Opium Tales: Babes in Toyland.

As you can see, the show will also have some of my stuff here. I’m tickled pink honestly~! Show your support and drop by~! I’m hoping to show up as well granted my timezone and this erratic holiday schedule lets me.

Thanks Opium, you guys rawk! ♥

~ ❤ ~

Now some of you may have noticed that the Silver Rose Design group is now a paid enrollment. Why? It’s because this is to prevent abuse on getting the group gifts. I’ve noticed some members leaving and re-joining again once new stuff come out and leaving once they get the gifts, and frankly that’s not very nice. 😦

Instead, I’m putting a stop to that. To those who want to save on group space, they can just join my Subscribe-O-Matic which you can find in all my stores. In fact, it’s a neat thing because it’s a subscription group to two (2) of my stores (Silver Rose Design & Lithium Flower) instead of just one. Problem is, no group gifts here unless you join the group. 🙂

Another is that I’ll be closing most of my store branches that I pay rent to except for my main store in Urqhart, Caledon and Taishou-Modern. Mostly because I simply can not afford rental anymore. One day when sales are better, I’ll hopefully rent again. But right now, sadly I must bite the bullet and say good bye to those wonderful spaces that has been home to my shop for a long time.

I love you guys. Its not you, its me. I’m sorry to say good-bye, but one day I’m sure we’ll be together once more.

~ ❤ ~

I’m Still Alive! For Now…

No, GlaDOS hasn’t killed me, but it sure felt like it!

This is just a mini-update to say that I’m not dead yet, and I didn’t suddenly abandon Second Life. It’s just the past weeks I’ve been juggling hospital tests (follow up Brain MRI, blood tests, ultra-sound, sonomamography etc etc), and the subsequent doctor visits (not to mention medication involved) and even some minor out-patient surgery. I’m not even done yet, considering two of my doctors are booked solid until the next two weeks and I need to visit them too.

In addition to that, my family and I are moving to a new condominium. We’ll be renting out the one we’re living in now since it’ll be far more profitable to just rent some place cheaper and earn from the rent. So the past week and the next few weeks are filled with sorting out junk (that has accumulated in the last ten years), holding a garage sale, designing the place, buying furniture & appliances.

Oh lets not forget I also caught the flu just a few days ago (and I was still trying to pack and stuff). (@_@)

Given the expenses involved, and the fact I’m not making anything the past few weeks, I will have to close some of my stores that aren’t earning as much, as I may not be able to sustain the rental (or even be online for that matter to pay for them–I still have yet to talk to our utilities and ISP service regarding the change of address and installation of phone lines, cable and DSL (and given I live in a third-world country, it would be a sheer miracle if they can get everything up by the end of the month) at the new place.

I’ll try to be online as much as I can, although mostly to take a short break from the insanity and pay rent. But other than that I’ll be a bit scarce for a while. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish my Steam-punk Victorian outfit within the month at least.

Anyway wish me luck on the move and my doctor’s and see you guys soon. 🙂


What’s Up and Other Clarifications

Things have been fairly quiet in my end lately for which I apologize. I’ve been quite busy as of late and well you know how things go when everything tends to pile up on you.

I was able to sell my lease a few weeks ago and I was able to use it to pay for the builder and the new land. The new store is doing well, Devon Dinzeo is a talented builder who really knows what he’s doing and so far it hasn’t disappointment me. Shop is at 95% completion, and the re-making of my vendor pictures is at 85% done as well.

To also celebrate the opening, I’ll be releasing two outfits both male and female. I know I should probably do more but I do tend to work pretty slow. (~_~);; The last male outfit (including all color alterations) were at 80+ textures total. Bleah.

Speaking of which, I’m delayed in designing more EGL stuff. But more that next time.

~ oOo ~

There has been questions regarding Sayuri, it seems some people are kinda shocked to find out that she was, is originally an alt of mine.

I created Sayuri some time ago as my way to recapture my earlier days as an SL newbie: free from the reputation, the pressure and everything…until I realized how boring it was and left my alt to rot somewhere.

Well, not always. I usually use Sayuri as a pitch to my friends and family to try out SL without going through the painful process of joining and having a really ugly avatar. One such individual was initially enamored by SL since she was forced to help me out test items and model for my lolita line (that and she was initially banned from her current MMO of choice and had nothing else to do) . She lurked a bit, had a few friends and even got into this whole escort thing going.

Unfortunately her fascination for SL lasted a long as her ban, and shortly after it was lifted she was back on her MMO, with her guild and destroying the n00bs. Last I heard of her she was in some private server somewhere.

Sad and neglected, I decided that I could at least make use of my alt and used her to test the waters on casual clothing as a new brand totally unrelated to SRD. It floundered, but kept it since Sayuri makes for a very good storage and practice for non-costume outfits. Besides, it’s not like I mind making them, the separate inventory makes things neat at least.

I hope this explains everything. I swear if someone asks me about Sayuri being my alt again, I will seriously consider shoving my mouse down someone’s esophagus, or punt them into orbit.

~ oOo ~

Whoa, you can tell I’m trying to squeeze all my rants in one post…this is about LL knee-jerk reaction to the police poking their noses on an adult only “game” looking for pedos and decided to take action against a 50 something old man and a 20 something woman who’s only crime is playing “Daddy’s Naughty Little Girl” in SL (who as far as my knowledge that the said persons involved were not passing out pictures of real kids doing kiddy porn).

I don’t know where you guys are from, or what your mother taught you, but here where I’m from, in my third world, backwater, corrupt country where education is still considered a privilege and not a right, we at the very least can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Frankly it’s none of my business what two consenting adults do in bed (or cyber bedroom), as long as they aren’t doing anything that is considered harmful or illegal. It’s one thing trying to be the Naughty Catholic Girl Student either in RL with your lover or in pixel form in SL as to banging a real minor, particularly if said partner was an adult.

I’m more concerned of the fact this whole brouhaha is nothing more of a screen to cover up the laxity behind the security measures taken to protect the kids (you know the real minors) hanging out in the Teen grid. I mean if you were a pedo, why on earth would you be looking in an adult area? Remember, you don’t buy bags in the shoe department.

You gotta ask? Who’s watching them now?

As for LL doing it’s job, I still got mixed feelings for that. One, LL is trying it’s best (sort of) to clean up the mistake of free accounts (that led minors inside the main grid) with their age verification program which in itself isn’t too bad, but it is a little too much. Adult Porn sites aren’t as difficult.

Two, is the growing pressure from people who depend on the internet or LL to monitor and ‘protect’ their children. Frankly, this is the parent’s job, and no one else’s problem. Certainly not LL, certainly not anyone. The internet is not a glorified babysitter. It is the parent who is at fault for giving their children extension credit cards, who let them steal their driver’s license and other information, by not monitoring their internet activities and not teaching them discipline and internet safety.

In short, they’re expecting that either the internet, videogames or TV would do that for them.

I have one thing to say to you kind of people: If you can’t be bloody parents to your disgusting, pimply spawn, then don’t f*****g breed.

~ oOo ~

Sculpties~! Voice~! LL’s saving grace and I can’t wait!

I’m trying my best to get my hands on a friendly 3D program that would help me with sculpties. I’ve never done 3D before so I don’t know if I’ll ever make anything out of it, although I would really, really want to. I have a ton of designs in mind that won’t work unless I use sculpties…so this is like additional motivation for me to learn.

Voice, I would love to be able to talk to people without typing..well not all the time but sometimes. I wonder if there will come a time when there’s going to be voice recognition and the words you say also show up as text.

I think that would be awesome :3

~ oOo ~

Okay soap box over now. Hopefully my next update will show my new products out. ‘Til then, it’s bed time for me or back to Al Quelt Moreza. I’ll let you figure out which it is.

PS. Pardon the rambling. I’m currently leveling up my characters in Granado Espada :p

Contest Drama

I had my first experience in a real full blown drama.

It was to say…dramatic. *sighs, eye flutter*

Well not really, just inane I guess.

Alright, anyway everyone probably knows by now that Silver Rose Design is co-hosting the Victorian Fashion Design contest. There’s nothing fancy or complicated about it. It had rules and it had contestants and entries. Yay.

I got queries early on and I had questions, when someone asked me about the contest…asking if the rules had been changed to allow ‘creativity’. I had been polite, told her that those are the rules and if she didn’t like it she didn’t really have to enter. Matter was dropped and we went on our separate ways.

Until recently.

I got an entry with a letter attached. The name didn’t ring any bells. I’ve met and talked to a lot of people like customers and contestants for the Fashion Contest and the Steampunk Inventors’ contest that I easily lose track of names.

The letter was very straightforward. Basic run down was a complaint on the rules, and how stifling it was to creativity, bitched about how the neckline wasn’t truly Victorian (she claims to be a Victorian costume restorer or something), told me how to run an event if I plan to make one in the future and that I shouldn’t force others my design on them, etc etc. And that she hoped that the rumors of me a terrible ogress who will exact divine punishment on those who pissed me off weren’t true, that I also wouldn’t be biased since she believed she has pissed me off on our last conversation.

1) She did not piss me off the first time we talked. I’m used to talking to people with varying levels of intelligence. I worked in a bloody call center before and as a GM for Philippine Ragnarok Online for some years. I’m used to this. Hell, I knew I was being pleasant and polite, I wasn’t even sure what made her think I was angry at her.

2) The insulting letter. Our earlier conversation did not piss me off. Annoyed me a little perhaps but not angry. The letter I got with her entry however did. It was offensive in so many levels. And trust me, you don’t need to pepper bad grammar and cuss words to make it offensive.

Okay, she made three strikes already. Insult on the event, insult on my character, and a threat that if I disqualify her she would be yelling “Rigged!” on top of her lungs. To those who know me, they must be shocked to find out that my patience still held considering that I was having my period when I got it.

Yes. Yes, I know. Walk away. Walk away now…slowly and no sudden movements.

Anyway, I was about to let it pass when I took a good luck at the contest entry. I could feel my left eyebrow raise as I noticed that she had defied contest rules and did not use the blouse mesh as instructed. Now obviously, this automatically disqualifies the entry, but since I didn’t want to embarass her too much, I sent a letter, outlining the the need to follow the rules, and if you can’t and don’t like them please don’t enter at all. And that we won’t bend the rules for anyone because it would be horribly unfair to those who have followed the rules since day 1.

Sent, get back to work. Worry about the voting booths for the inventor’s contest. Talk to people, customers and interested contestants. Get IM from Shen, who is the true brainchild for the event. I get a TP and click.

I landed to see an oversized vendor staring at my face. With the contest entry blouse on it.

*Her* contest entry blouse. Being sold. Different prim skirt but same blouse. With same prim sleeve attachments.
*a voice in the background cries: Strike 3!*

So…not only did I get a fairly insulting letter in the day, see a contest entry fit for disqualification and then see that the same gown blouse was already being sold.

So much for creativity.

I think at that point I got catty. Hell everyone of us who got there got a bit catty. Lemme see…we get insulted for not being historically accurate, for stifling creativity and for imposing our design on others, then shoved an entry at me that was fit for disqualification with her ego tacked to it…then I saw the vendor.

Yeah I got catty. I got very catty. I’m also finding a way if it’s possible to ship rabid panic monkeys to her house.

Then this morning I got another IM with her with a notecard that has a recording of a public conversation. Our public conversation when we saw her vendor.

I laughed. Okay. Yeah so what? Did she really think I was stupid enough to say something I didn’t mean or would embarass me? Oh no…I’m one of those people who will tell anyone who’s willing to listen exactly how I feel, particularly if I have been crossed. She also sent me a lovely snapshot of our conversation, as if it was some sort of proof.

Proof of what? That we believe her towering superiority didn’t match the quality of the products she was selling? That her vendor staring at us, wasn’t some kind of insult? Even Shen was disappointed, and she have been working on Victorian for 30 years herself.

So I gave her another letter in reply, expressing disappointment in her behavior and god forbid, a second chance.

Yes folks, you heard that right. I allowed her a second chance. Despite the varying insults thrown at my face, I gave her a second chance. We’ll disregard her entry, and if she can submit a new one in time then great. If not well, that’s not my problem anymore isn’t it?

Unexpected Down Time

My PC broke down last week. It was sudden, painful and the air filled with the smell of something burning.

 Namely my rage and the innards of my now deceased PC.

 I’m currently using a laptop which I borrowed from my esteemed parent, which unfortunately can’t run SL. However, I’ve ordered a new PC and I hope that it would be arriving hopefully soon. I would prefer if I got it before the event but if for some reason I can’t..well I’ll have to borrow someone’s PC to access my beloved SL.

So please excuse the lack of updates. I’ll hopefully get back to designing once I get my machine back.